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Promotion Schedule:

Twice Every Academic Year

Fall Promotion is in either November/December

Spring Promotion is in either March/April

Their are a total of 8 promotions for a cadet who starts their freshman year.  Promotions are based on the “whole person” concept.  Cadets must qualify for promotion by having a minimum of a 2.000 Grade Point Average (GPA) without any failing grades and no AFJROTC outstanding fees.  The Fall Promotion includes the previous academic year’s 4th quarter GPA for upperclassmen (10th thru 12th graders) and the 1st Quarter GPA (Freshman will only be assessed on 1st Quarter GPA).  The Spring Promotion includes the 2nd and 3rd Quarter GPAs.  If qualified, on the day of promotion, a cadet will get promoted if the cadet is ON TIME in full CLASS A uniform with proper grooming standards.  Otherwise, the cadet will forgo getting promoted and receiving earned ribbons until the next promotion cycle, unless otherwise coordinated with the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI).

Cadet rank advancement is not a guarantee.  As stated above, each cadet must qualify and live the cadet code (see cadet code under promotions tab).  Accelerated rank advance is based on objective cadet performance measures and observable potential to lead at a commensurate rank.  Objective performance measures include GPA, Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Score, Event Participation, Class Leadership/Performance, Leading Events, Interviewing for and selection on Group Staff, and Ribbons earned.  At least 90% of promotion decisions are based on objective performance measures.  The other 10% is based on Cadet Group Staff input and instructor observation on potential to lead others with commensurate rank.

See the website “AFJROTC Ranks and Ribbons” tab for details on cadet rank.

First Year Potential Rank Advancements Include:

E2 – Airman (Amn)

E3 – Airman First Class (A1C)

E4 – Senior Airman (SrA)

E5 – Staff Sergeant (SSgt)

E6 – Technical Sergeant (TSgt)

Second Year Potential Rank Advancements Include:

E2 thru E6

E7 – Master Sergeant (MSgt)

E8 – Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt)

E9 – Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt)

O1 – Second Lieutenant (2Lt)

Third Year Potential Rank Advancements Include:

E2 thru O1

O2 – First Lieutenant (1Lt)

O3 – Captain (Capt)

O4 – Major (Maj)

O5 – Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col)

Fourth Year Potential Rank Advancements Include:

E2 thru  O5

O6 – Colonel (Col)