Coach:  Colonel Brown

Armed Drill Commander: Alex Witt

Unarmed Drill Commander: KC Mason

Color Guard Commander: Jaxon Carnahan

Time: 0700 A-Day Mornings

Location: Morris’s Classroom

Vision‌:‌ ‌To be the best JROTC Drill team


Mission‌:‌ ‌Develop dedicated and knowledgeable teams of cadets who compete in all areas of drill at a national level.


Goals‌:‌ ‌‌50 active cadets. 90% Retention from each quarter. 70% attendance. 

Recruiting‌:‌ 100% increase from last ASY

Retention‌:‌ ‌ ‌90% for each ASY

Competition:‌ ‌  ‌Bonanza Drill/PT Meet 15 Oct
                         State Drill Meet 5 March

Individual‌:‌ ‌Compete in 1 competition.
                  All members earn Drill Tab and Drill Ribbon