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Marksmanship Team photo

COACH: Ben Pacrem

COMMANDER: Amelia Schermerhorn

VICE COMMANDER: Bailey Stevens

Time: Tuesday-Thursday, 15:30-17:30                   

Location: Lt Col Brown’s Room

Vision: The Best Marksmanship JROTC team that shows excellence in control, focus, and are able to perform well under pressure.

Mission: Develop cadets who possess qualities of control, discipline, concentration, and extreme precision when using firearms.


  • By the end of the first month all cadets have been properly certified and sight in their own rifles.
  • Maintain 80% retention 
  • Recruit 50% more than last year
  • Have all cadets participate in a CMP competition
  • Have at least 3 cadets earn badges 
  • All cadets earn Marksmanship Ribbon 
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