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Mustang Munchies

The Mustang Munchies (MM) is our Cadet-run Student Store Fundraiser.  Cadets and Boosters work the MM every lunch period.  The Cadets work from 11:00 AM to 11:55 AM and the Boosters work from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM.  The Cadets are responsible for the management of the store. 

Cadet & Booster Scheduling:

The Cadet OIC & NCOIC work in tandem to ensure each Upper-Class Cadet Flight MM Lead and Alternate Lead (Must be Crimson Cliffs High School Cadets) schedule Flight members (Also only Crimson Cliffs High School Cadets) to work the MM.  Working the MM is a Flight Team effort to ensure at least two cadets run the MM each day.  The Flights are given a schedule of what days they are responsible to cover the MM during a given academic quarter.  Each Flight member receives a MM grade based on coverage of the MM that is worth 6% of their overall quarterly grade. 

The Booster Coordinator is responsible for recruiting and scheduling Booster Parents to run the MM each day.  The goal is to have two Boosters each day to handle the financial operations of the store (CADETS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO HANDLE MONEY).  However, the store can operate with one Booster as long as that Booster has completed a WCSD background check and is authorized to work solo with cadets.  A Booster without a background check can work the MM with cadets with another Booster without a background check as long as both Boosters are present together at all times.  This is not a long-term solution and is usually only short-term while Boosters are in the process of getting their background check. 

MM Cleanliness:

The Cadets, NOT the Boosters, are not responsible for cleaning the MM.  The MM OIC and NCOIC will ensure the Flights follow a daily, weekly, monthly, and end-of-year cleaning regimen posted in the MM Store.