Cadet in Charge Checklist

CADET-IN-CHARGE CHECKLIST FOR PLANNING, EXECUTING AND RECORDING A JROTC EVENT:  (Click here for a printable version of this checklist)

Start this process a MINIMUM of 3 weeks prior to the event.  Coordinate with the KIC daily as things progress.

  1. PRINT this sheet and check off each step as you accomplish it, using your initials and the date accomplished.
  2. CREATE a new folder and LABEL the folder with the name of the event
  3. MAINTAIN the folder in the blue vertical cubby slots in the staff office; DO NOT TAKE IT HOME!  Replace it after each use.
  4. CONTACT the POC (Point of Contact) for the Event; record the name, phone number and email IN THE FOLDER; get ALL details in the first phone call, including times, places, uniforms,duties, numbers of cadets needed.  By the end of the phone call, you should be able to answer WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN and HOW.
  5. PRINT the SOP for the event (if there is one), and ensure it gets POSTED to the web for participants to review
  6. Fill out and SUBMIT the registration form to the POC for the event
    – include any registration fees by filling out a CHECK REQUEST
  7. CREATE the event in WINGS
  8. PRINT the EVENT PLANNER & AFTER ACTION REPORT Form and STAPLE it to the front inside cover of the event folder
  9. PRINT out this “how-to” set up an Event Sign-up Sheet and FOLLOW IT TO A “T”
  10. FILL OUT these forms and keep a copy of them folder:
    Activity Request
    Transportation Request
    Overnight trips also require an Itinerary (click for template)
    Send hotel requirements to Too Much Fun Vacations using this link
  12. SEND approved package to Dixie High front office for processing.N
  13. RECORD who comes to the event, and the hours spent; keep the roster IN THE FOLDER
  14. PREPARE & MAINTAIN a meal roster with cadet signatures for restaurant stops where JROTC pays; this is VITAL for reimbursement
  15. FINALIZE the event in WINGS by ensuring each cadet in attendance gets credit